December 5 of 2019

Copec acquires stake in Ampere Energy

Santiago, Chile

The transaction, part of Copec’s development strategy, represents the company’s entrance into the residential distributed generation market, making it possible in the future to offer Chileans the possibility to generate clean energy directly in their homes, store it and re-inject the surplus into the electric system.

Spain’s Ampere Energy specializes in second-generation integrated energy storage systems through the use of batteries. Its solutions combine design and technology, enabling smart energy management.

In Spain was sealed the transaction through which Copec acquired 13.5% of stake in Ampere Energy, manufacturer and supplier of second-generation energy storage systems. As a result of this agreement, Copec will join Ampere’s Board of Directors, composed of a team of investors and professionals with an outstanding experience in the energy sector.

Initially, the agreement between Copec and Ampere Energy contemplates the launching of activities in Chile and Colombia, to later extend the operation into other countries.

“Defined as a mobility company, Copec seeks to contribute in the reduction of the carbon footprint of the Chilean energy matrix and the countries that provide it, while capturing the opportunities that are opening up through the major trends on the global agenda, such as decentralization and digitalization,” said Lorenzo Gazmuri, Copec’s Executive Vice-President.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Ljubetic, Copec’s Corporate Development and Management Officer, commented: “Ampere is an innovative, cutting-edge company that is opening the way to distributed generation and residential storage, which is the energy model of the future. This new energy paradigm effectively responds to the environmental and economic demands of today’s world”.

On the other hand, Vicente L√≥pez-Ibor Mayor, Ampere Energy’s President, stated that “the alliance with Copec represents an important recognition of both Ampere Energy’s trajectory and the potential of its products and services, and implies a great reinforcement in the internationalization strategy it has been involved in”.

Spanish company Ampere Energy leads the Iberian market in the production and commercialization of second-generation electric batteries. Ampere’s integrated storage systems combine design and technology to enable smart energy management.

The company develops advanced software-based solutions equipped with artificial intelligence through automatic learning algorithms and Big Data analytics tools, while analyzing weather forecasts, the price of energy and the user’s profile in order to achieve maximum energy savings and independence and to guarantee comfort. In addition, Ampere Energy provides personalized engineering and implementation services for intelligent storage technologies adjusted to the needs of different industries.

In summary, this is an innovative technology that allows users to store the energy generated in their homes, through, for example, photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, to cover all or part of their energy consumption, with the option to re-inject the surplus into the electrical system. Distributed generation helps to optimize electricity demand, improve service in saturated areas, decrease transportation losses, lower costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

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