August 18 of 2020

Post-pandemic mobility: Copec Voltex’s Charging solutions for homes and buildings

Santiago, Chile

As a logical consequence of the lockdown imposed in almost every country in the world, the traffic flow and the passengers demand in the public transportation system decreased enormously and the quality of the air in big cities improved compared to prior years. This landscape helped to reactivate the discussion around sustainability applied to mobility in urban areas.

This is when electro-mobility arises as key to post-pandemic mobility and into de future. In Chile, Copec Voltex has led the adoption of electro-mobility and its plans to promote this technology have gained a greater relevance as the topic acquires greater relevance in a global scale. The challenge is now to target the residential segment with a state-of-the-art system that allows users to charge their vehicles from homes in a safe and efficient manner.
Key in this segment is a friendly integration that does not require to increase the electrical capacity of the houses it is installed. “Voltex Smart Home” is the new technology that solves that issue with a smart monitoring system that allows to automatically adjust energy consumption to the specific scenario of each home, whether they are houses or buildings.

“The technology monitors electrical consumption at home and regulates the charger power, allowing users to use the energy capacity available to charge their electric vehicles in a safe and efficient way”, said Copec Voltex´s Manager, Francisco Larrondo.

The technology also allows important savings. Currently, Copec Voltex’s Residential Charging Solution allows savings of up to 80% compared to a standard vehicle, an issue that is adds up to the interest generated around electrical transport options, which started even before the pandemic as a response to face the challenges posed by climate change.

Today, Copec has a full portfolio of energy solutions targeting the residential and industrial markets. Along with Copec Voltex’s electro-mobility solutions, the company offers photovoltaic technologies and second-generation lithium batteries managed with Artificial Intelligence that, combined, allow users to store their own clean energy and reinjecting surpluses to the electric grid and joining the distributed generation model.

A specialized team is responsible for the installation of Copec Voltex’s residential charger and the Voltex Smart Home technology and remote assistance is available 24×7. For further information, please visit

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