August 5 of 2020

Copec Voltex launches new app for electric vehicles

Santiago, Chile

As a way to continue promoting sustainable mobility among citizens, Copec Voltex has launched a new app for electric vehicles that shows the location and availability of the charging stations network, and that allows to manage the process directly from the app, including payment and real-time, remote monitoring of the operation, thus reducing physical contact during the process.

Copec Voltex’s Manager Francisco Larrondo said that “reducing mobility has been a key tool to control the expansion of the pandemic and, fortunately, the country is showing a sustained improvement. We must not slacken on these efforts. Looking into the future and as part of a reactivation process where the people’s safety is vital, we launched this new technology in the country that aims at bringing electro-mobility closer to more and more people”.
The application is available in App Store and Google Play [ and], respectively.

The app allows users to access Copec Voltex’s online network easily, quickly, identify the nearest charging stations, save favorite locations, keep a historical record of charges and manage payments electronically.
This user-friendly platform only requires connecting the vehicle to the charging station, launch the application and select the charger through a QR code or the search engine integrated in the app. The charging process starts with only one slide in the application, which also allows to access real time information.

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