July 28 of 2020

Ampere brings the future of energy to Chile

Santiago, Chile

The energy landscape is changing. Digitalization, decentralization, and the increasing incorporation of clean energies to the matrix are the main trends that combine in the value proposition with which Ampere Chile arrives to our country, aiming at bringing distributed generation closer to more and more people.

Ampere Chile, a subsidiary of Copec, arrives with the goal of acceleration the energy transition process towards and increasingly renewable matrix. Ampere’s parent company, based in Spain, leads the innovation in the field of second-generation smart storage, with a portfolio of lithium batteries with a highly sophisticated design that allows to collect energy from, for instance, solar panels directly at home.

Provided with Artificial Intelligence technology, Ampere Chile’s batteries efficiently manage energy -both from panels as well as from the electric grid-, offering people a maximum comfort, a constant supply of energy and considerable savings. Ampere Chile will allow Chileans to join the global trend of distributed energy: small sources that generate clean electric energy, much closer to the consumption points.

Ampere Energy started operations in Valencia and in less than four years it has become a multi-national firm with presence in Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Benelux and now also in our country through Ampere Chile, after Copec acquired a stake in December 2019.

“Ampere Chile is looking to promote an energy model based on self-consumption combined with storage, through a smart management of energy and empowering customers with an active role. Through this kind of solutions, we provide the tools that help to make energy management more flexible for this prosumer”, said Max Valdés, Head of the New Energies Unit at Wind Copec’s Garage.

Max Valdés also explains that the new smart batteries system allows users to safely have clean energy, as whether it is day or night, with or without sun, Ampere Chile’s systems keep on working to optimize energy consumption at homes. The clean energy stored in batteries complements the energy from the electric grid and surpluses are automatically reinjected into the grid.

Ampere Chile’s batteries are provided with a smart Energy Management System (EMS) and a software based in machine learning algorithms that allow to monitor the user’s consumption habits, at all times. This revolutionary technology can predict the generation of photovoltaic energy and track electricity fees in order to optimize the battery performance. This way, Ampere Chile batteries allow savings of up to 70% in electricity bills while promoting the use of clean energies and contributing to reduce the carbon footprint.

Ampere Energy’s different models (Sphere, Square, Tower and T-Pro) integrate in a single “All in One” system a hybrid, bi-directional inverter, a lithium-ion battery and the Energy Management System (EMS). Also, the models include a back-up solution that ensures energy supply even in the case of a failure in the grid. With a vision entirely focused on the customer, Ampere Energy has developed several tools, such as its monitoring app MyAmpere, which shows users their energy flows, related savings and the environmental impact of its implementation.

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