May 14 of 2021

75F Announces Collaboration with HVAC Leader Daikin Applied

Lauren French

75F is excited to announce that we’re working with global commercial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) leader Daikin Applied Americas to design and deploy a new generation of wireless controls and sensing technology. This new suite of cloud-based products are designed to work out of the box with preconfigured profiles and sequences specific to Daikin Applied HVAC equipment.

This is our most significant collaboration to date. Daikin Industries Ltd., Daikin Applied’s parent company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC systems, with over 70,000 employees and 100 production sites, and more than $24 billion in sales across the 150 countries where it operates. Daikin Applied, based up the road from 75F in Plymouth, Minnesota, designs and manufactures equipment specific to commercial and industrial facilities with a network of sales, service and parts offices across the country.

The collaboration between Daikin Applied and 75F has the potential to advance the market by bringing a new generation of sophisticated, affordable cloud-based wireless controls and sensing technology to building management.

“We’ve worked closely with Daikin Applied’s engineering team to build ground-up control profiles that combine our hardware and software expertise with their industry-leading technology. We have created a state-of-the-art, scalable solution that can be deployed across a wide range of equipment, applications and building types,” said Deepinder Singh, founder and CEO of 75F. “We believe that in the future, all building controls will be open, connected and intelligent like the products we’re developing.”

“This collaboration is a testament to Daikin Applied and 75F’s commitment to making smart building automation affordable and easy to deploy,” said Mike Hoppe, controls product leader at Daikin Applied. “75F’s wireless cloud-based technology is an important addition to our portfolio because it allows us to support even more building applications and connect equipment from other manufacturers.”

Daikin Applied is widely respected as the most energy-efficient equipment manufacturer in commercial HVAC. Combined with 75F’s control algorithms rooted in machine learning, the custom solution can help deliver additional efficiencies.

“We want to team up with companies around the world that are the best at what they do,” said Bob French, Chief Evangelist at 75F. “We believe that we’ve created one of the industry’s most efficient and capable solutions, with features such as cloud-based machine learning, and device-agnostic real-time remote access and control that we think will soon be industry-standard.”

More information, product specifications and availability will be announced in the coming months. We invite anyone interested to visit

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